At a time when racetracks are popping up everywhere and driving events and races are flourishing, a range of coaches is similarly abundant.  Just like there is a range of capability of the tires you use on your track car, there is a similar range in coach offerings.  We realize that everyone has something to teach and we embrace that fact by constantly learning from any source in our driving careers.  However choosing the best coach for your needs will speed your learning process and unlike tires, the results are lasting.

The Next Level Driving staff is comprised of true professionals with established positions in the racing industry.  Coaching is not our hobby and we do not use your coaching sessions to demonstrate our driving ability or tell our racing tales.  Our only focus and only measure of success is your improvement.

James Clay (VA)

James ClayJames Clay started his amateur racing career in 1998 and graduated into the pro ranks in 2002.  As an instructor for club events, club racing programs, and professional driving schools and the owner of BimmerWorld Racing, James has a global perspective on the requirements to become a successful driver at all levels, from basic performance driving skills to integration and success with a professional race team.  A formal engineering background provides a strong foundation in car build, setup optimization, and data analysis.  Having built a professional race team from the ground up, James also has insight into the varied aspects that any successful program must contain, including drivers who must perform all of these tasks themselves.


Seth Thomas (GA)

Seth ThomasSeth Thomas is proving to be one of the most experienced and successful pro drivers in North America.  From a driving career that started in 2001 with SCCA, he has demonstrated driving ability and precision in a range of environments from the World Challenge series where the focus is on standing starts and sprinting to the finish to GRAND-AM endurance racing.  As a coach, co-driver, and mentor, Seth has delivered equally impressive results by successfully translating his driving abilities and insights to his clients to produce results.


David White (NC)

David WhiteDavid White began racing in 2005, gaining experience and winning championships in sprint and endurance racing in BMWCCA, SCCA, NASA, and PBOC.  In 2010, David jumped to a fulltime professional series joining the BimmerWorld Continental Tire Series ST team.  Driver development has always been a top priority during David’s racing career and his mechanical engineering background gives him a solid understanding of vehicle dynamics and setup.  As a product of the Next Level Driving program, David knows firsthand how instrumental driver coaching can be in developing and improving a driver’s skill set enabling them to reach their personal driving goals.


Randy Mueller (FL)

Randy MuellerRandy Mueller entered into driving events in 2003, advanced into racing in 2004, and claimed his first championship that same year. After some mechanical troubles the following year, Randy began his education in racecar design, fabrication, assembly, and tuning – a foundation of knowledge that has led to multiple championships and breakout driving performances in a wide variety of technology-leading equipment. Today, with experience building engines, understanding suspension dynamics, having the skills to tune them and more importantly utilize the equipment to its fullest potential on track, Randy has played an instrumental role in helping others win races and championships.


Gregory Liefooghe (CA)

Gregory LiefoogheGregory started his driving career in 2006 and quickly moved up through the ranks of racing. He is now a recognized professional driver in GRAND-AM and World Challenge. As a racing instructor at SimRaceway (formerly Jim Russell) at Infineon and at the Audi Sports Car Experience, he has accumulated extensive experience in coaching and refined his communication skills while working with drivers at all levels. Although his main focus is now sports cars, he has driven a wide variety of vehicles during his career, ranging from go-karts at the national level to open wheel F3 cars. He uses his sharp analytical skills in all aspects of racing – whether setting up a car, going through data, or coaching, he is able to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide easy solutions to implement.


John Henry Capestro-Dubets (CA)

Randy MuellerJohn Henry Capestro-Dubets is a lifelong car enthusiast who has turned his passions for all things on wheels into a racing career. John’s dedication has enabled him to move quickly from the Skip Barber Mazda series to a lead driver position in GRAND-AM. John currently drives for BimmerWorld Racing in the GRAND-AM Continental Tire Series where he has earned multiple podium finishes in the highly competitive class. His dedication, work ethic, and friendly demeanor are well known amongst his teammates and the racing community and his coaching clientele.