There simply is no substitute for one-on-one attention from an accomplished professional racer who also is an excellent teacher. If your goal is to break through a personal plateau, gain insight into your strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses, spend a day with James Clay at a track of your choice.  With the aid of data acquisition, James will quickly identify areas where improvement is needed and will teach you how to achieve it.  In addition, James will fine-tune your car’s set up and explain how that set-up affects the car’s performance.  Prepare to be challenged, and prepare to use the lessons learned for months and even years to come.  Over a year ago, I spent a day with James at VIR, where I already had run dozens of events.  I learned things that made me not only faster, but also safer and more confident.  I continue relying on that knowledge to this day.

- Roman Lifson

After 4 years of active driving, 70+ lifetime track days, completing my second year of club racing and instructing in a DE environment I had hit a plateau speed and skill wise.   Working with James for two days opened up the doorway to the next level. In applying what I learned, within months, I went from a mid pack finisher to a class podium contender and holding my own against national level drivers.

I coached a close friend (and fellow instructor) at the Glen these past two days.  Incorporating what I learned working with Next Level Driving into my instructional methodology, I was able to shave 10 seconds of his lap time and elevate his driving game to the point where he is now lapping just as fast as his previously faster fellow instructors and now has the skill set and confidence to smoke them next season.

I had known through reading media articles that coaching was a great value and developmental tool, but experiencing it firsthand I am now a huge proponent of continuing education for advanced drivers, racers and instructors. If anything, I think instructors need it the most as I feel that they should be at the cutting edge of driving skill. After all, they are teaching future racers, advanced students and instructors and sadly, many instructors are falling short in that task.

James’s coaching improved my race craft, driving skills, self-analysis, my ability to instruct others and more importantly saved me at least one or two seasons of trial and error. Coaching has been the best investment of my driving career.

- Mario Meise

About 5 years ago I had the opportunity to get some one-on-one coaching from James.  My driving had hit a plateau and club instructors weren’t able to provide direction for improvement.  With his fantastic mix of physics knowledge, expertise in car setup, understanding of the psychology behind performance driving, and his unique ability to break concepts down to simple terms and achievable goals, James helped me to take my driving to the next level.  I made more improvement in 2 days with James than I had in my previous 5 DEs.  Most importantly, the concepts and techniques learned have stayed with me and continue to help me improve.

- Ryan Staub

I had a GREAT time working with David last Monday. I have to say, I was unsure of how things would go as it was my first time working with someone on a one-on-one basis. At the end of the day I could not have been happier for making the decision to hire him.

HUGE thanks for helping me get the accelerator pedal fixed. Knowing the car mechanically and being willing to dig in to help past just the driving work meant a lot – I would have lost significant track time without your help.

I felt like I learned A LOT, and I hope to be able to put it all together the next time I’m at VIR. I’m also confident I’ll be able to apply some of the things we went over to other tracks, although I know I could have used you at RA last weekend too! Saturday’s race was in the rain, so no track record then, but I somehow managed a mid 1:35 on Sunday with 80 cars on the track which I think is a bit faster than Randy’s record. The car easily has 33′s in it there, I just couldn’t put it all together for a lap.

Also, a big thanks for taking the time on Friday afternoon to talk with me about RA. It definitely helped for the rest of the weekend, I really appreciate it.

Thanks again for everything.

- Josh Smith

I have known James and most of the Next Level Driving staff for 6 years now.  I originally worked with James when I bought my race car.  He was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction for performance parts for my car, including helping me to prioritize my upgrades for the maximum return on the money spent.

Over the years, I have continued to upgrade my car, but I moved from adding parts to my car to working on set up and driving skills.  James has spent time with me riding in my car, helping with set up, and giving me pointers on my driving skills.  I can quite confidently say that I learned a lot from James.

More recently, I have been working with David White and found him to also be extremely helpful.  David and I really focus on the data, looking at ways to find a few tenths of a second here and there.  David, like James, is also very willing to drive your car to get a solid lap to compare data.  David is also helpful on set up and is eager to answer any and all questions quickly.

The Next Level Driving staff is not only a joy to work with, but essential in learning how to go faster.

- Dick Hunter

I spent a couple of years working my way through the HPDE ranks and reached a competent level of driving. I wanted to be faster, smoother and reach higher levels of driving and car dynamics. A friend recommended I hire James Clay as a pro coach – I did and learned more in one weekend than I had in the previous two years. That event put me on a completely different and elevated learning curve, one of which I have continued on for the past couple of years.  James used video and data acquisition to get the point across quickly and clearly.  I use the data acquisition skills I learned to improve on my own, and I continue to enlist James and the entire Next Level Driving staff’s pro coaching services.

- Jason Crist

I have used the Next Level Driving group on both a formal and informal basis over the last four years. My experience has been very productive, and an important part of my overall driver progression. The NLD guys are open, honest and realistic as to what the student may or may not be able to do, and I have found that inching my way towards their level of performance to be both challenging and rewarding. Perhaps one day I can match an entire lap!

- Chris Lewis