The Next Level Driving program is 100% custom tailored to each individual client. In years of working with drivers from new shoes to seasoned pros, it is clear that everyone’s mind works differently. As true professional coaches, we have a big box of tools to ensure that the methods we use for you are the correct ones to give you the desired result – speed, consistency, racecraft, safety, and ultimately success.

Who benefits from coaching?

Every driver has something to learn and an experienced professional can typically speed that process. Newer drivers can make fantastic leaps in skill quickly and safely with a seasoned coach’s guidance. More experienced drivers have already grabbed the low-hanging fruit, so the path to improvement can be elusive and takes a coach who can both diagnose opportunities and effectively communicate the method to grasp them.


What gains can I expect from a coaching program?

Unlike tires that wear out and go-fast parts, improving the driver will create skills that stay with you throughout your driving career. We provide an intensive coaching program with our own goal of obvious, measurable, and lasting improvement. If you approach you coaching program ready to work hard and learn as much as you can, our typical client makes a massive jump in performance, blasting through their current plateau.


Should I hire a coach or pay for a Professional Race School?

These days, “Race Schools” are largely entertainment for thrill seekers and those with excess rewards points. Most professional schools are speed-limited with lead follow and few use data acquisition, a skill you need if you are going to make the big gains and continue to self-coach and progress beyond the school weekend.

The Next Level coaching program hones your skills in your car – the one you are going to drive or race and the only limits are set by safety factors and your increasing abilities. A private coaching event will most likely cost you less than a professional school and you will make more gains and much faster with the dedicated attention our program provides.


Do you use data acquisition?

Data is hands-down the most effective tool for driver improvement. As professional racers, our coaches have spent thousands of hours pouring over data to find tenths of a second. If a client is geared to understand graphs, we will teach this skill and some unique ways we have uncovered to look at generated data to identify and achieve time gains – 90% of our clients leave with a productive understanding of our method. If not, our coaches will read and interpret client data and present the findings. Either way, the gain from this fantastic tool is realized.


I have stopped making improvements in my driving and now I am just limited by my equipment.

Wrong. Every Next Level coach firmly embraces the need for continuing education for even themselves as professional drivers. Not a single driver has lived who has no room for improvement. If you are at a plateau where improvement has ground to a halt, an outside force is the only way you will take the next step.


I had a really fast driver ride with me and we didn’t make any progress.

The Next Level coaches are teachers and communicators. We are firm believers that experience and driving capability is fundamental to a coach’s ability to succeed. But a true driving coach has the honed ability to take that level of skill and convey it to you, the client. The measure of a racer’s success is a stopwatch – the only measure of our success as a coach is your improvement as a driver.


A few of my friends want to give coaching a try – can you work with our group?

We work with both groups and individuals. Private, one-on-one instruction is without question the most effective learning tool and even when you are not on track, your Next Level coach has knowledge gained over years of driving, instructing, coaching, and racing and this is your opportunity to grab all that you can. If you prefer to work with two or more people in a group, we can organize a successful plan that will still produce gains for each client, but we strongly recommend having no more than three drivers per coach.


What environment is the best to work with a coach?

If your goal is ultimate speed, we need 3-5 sessions per day – the more flexible the schedule, the more we can do and we have partnerships with several driving organizations who provide quality track time and the flexibility we need. There are however many other facets of driving and racing that can be addressed. If you want to focus on the skill of learning a new track, we have experience at almost all major tracks (and lots of small ones) across North America. If you want to focus on racecraft and your personal approach to a race weekend, the only environment that creates those stresses and demands is an actual race weekend. Decide what your goal is and we will choose an approach to best meet it.